Personnel Security Specialist Overview What is a personnel security specialist?

As you move along in your career, you may start taking on more responsibilities or notice that you’ve taken on a leadership role. Using our career map, a personnel security specialist can determine their career goals through the career progression. For example, they could start out with a role such as intelligence analyst, progress to a title such as analyst and then eventually end up with the title deputy director. Infrastructure security covers the protection of physical and digital assets through the architecture itself. This specialty may focus on safeguarding sensitive items using structures like generators, security systems and locks.

They must have excellent communication and researching skills to identify and gather data suitable for employment purposes. A personnel security specialist verifies and processes information according to security procedures and protocols, providing accurate information and managing data disputes. A physical security specialist can make anywhere between $60,000 and just over $100,000 per year. The estimated entry-level physical security specialist salary is $40,000. The average salary is closer to $70,000 per year at mid-level, with higher-level physical security specialists making $90,000 to $100,000 per year. A security specialist ensures the protection of an organization’s assets and information.

What Is Endpoint Security?

Some states require you to maintain regular certification to act as a licensed security specialist, especially as a bodyguard. Patrol officers tend to reach similar levels of education than security specialists. In fact, patrol officers are 2.1% less likely to graduate with a Master’s Degree and 0.0% less likely to have a Doctoral Degree.

Some organizations employ these specialists in entry-level roles, allowing them to develop on-the-job experience. Cybersecurity specialists handle a broad set of technical responsibilities related to safeguarding how to become a security specialist sensitive digital information and data. Depending on the size of their employer, these cybersecurity experts may work in niche, specialized areas of the field or oversee more general security tasks.

Security Specialist Job Description Sample

They often collaborate with decision-makers to develop solutions to security threats. Candidates may spend 3-5 years gaining technology experience, often in non-security IT roles. These “cyberenabled” positions focus on technical support, network engineering, or project management, but still require workers to handle minor security issues.

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