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Armstrong has just went down out of their better leaders position amidst accusations away from sexual misconduct and you may litigation

Armstrong has just went down out of their better leaders position amidst accusations away from sexual misconduct and you may litigation

Shows annihilationism, salvation legally-staying, Sabbatarianism, and this guy can be a member of “the brand new God family” (Godhead)

Church regarding Christ, Forehead Parcel, Granville Hedrick, Versatility, MO: Splinter group you to bankrupt off the Reorganized Church off Jesus Christ out-of Latter-day Saints.

Chapel of Christ for the Elijah Content, Otto Fetting, selskapets hjemmeside Liberty, MO: Splinter group one broke out of the Reorganized Chapel off Goodness Christ from Latter-day New orleans saints.

Chapel away from Christ into the Elijah Content, Greenwood, MO: 1998 splinter category out-of Otto Fetting’s selection of the same term.

Church out of Cosmic Resource, Guarantee Troxell, Summer River, CA: Modern, Area, Cosmic Christianity, a lot more scripture is sold with The ebook out of Enoch.

Church of Extremely important Science, Scottsdale, AZ: Kabbalah, cosmic laws and regulations from Divine ignite to achieve salvation, God try All in inception.

Church from Freethought: A social business getting atheists that provides this new solutions getting socializing, area services, and you can social support given by theistic places of worship.

Church out of God Evangelistic Organization, David J. Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter class. Rejects Trinity, character of Holy Spirit, together with actual resurrection. Publishes Newswatch Magazine and you can Newswatch broadcast and television applications.

Publishes The newest Herald regarding Information publication

Chapel away from Jesus, (Abrahamic Trust), Wenatchee, WA: Adventist classification, just like the Bible Students groups; rejects the brand new Trinity, teaches annihilationism. Posts Notes To possess Bible Youngsters publication.

Church regarding Goodness, Globally, Garner Ted Armstrong, Tyler, TX: Armstrongism split-out-of classification. Posts the latest Internationally Information and Twentieth century See journals.

Church off Goodness, Seventh-day, Caldwell, ID: Sabbatarianism; sees Sabbath and you can Meal days; baptism essential salvation (get a hold of baptismal regeneration).

Chapel of God (7th Day) Salem, WV: Rejects the newest Trinity; shows Sabbatarianism; observes Banquet months and you may Sabbath; baptism needed for salvation (look for baptismal regeneration). Publishes The newest Recommend out of Truth publication.

Church out of God Christ away from Second-day Saints, The new, Joseph Smith, Salt Lake Urban area, UT: (Latter-time Saints, LDS, Mormonism) Head body of Mormonism; understands Brigham Young since the Smith’s successor. Smith claimed that Father and you will Young buck appeared to him and called him to displace the genuine Church. LDS Church instructs one God the daddy was previously one and you may is actually exalted so you’re able to Godhood. God (with his beautiful Spouse) begat vast amounts of spirit youngsters, the new firstborn regarding which is Goodness. Lucifer are the leader out-of God’s rebellious heart youngsters. Those people comfort who didn’t push back become human beings under control to begin process potentially leading to exaltation to help you Godhood. Jesus, not, turned a jesus whenever you are simply a heart. The guy organized our world and that is Jehovah, the new God from Israel. He could be an alternate and you may under Jesus so you can Elohim, the daddy. A change is established amongst the Holy Ghost, who is a personage away from Heart, and Holy Heart. Aforementioned are good divine opportunity, force, otherwise spiritual essence you to fills the new universe which is employed by every about three people in the newest Godhead on the get it done and fulfillment of their tend to. The fresh new Church rejects brand new orthodox philosophy of one’s Trinity. What’s more, it redefines salvation by grace to mention merely to resurrection. Almost all people would-be resurrected toward among three kingdoms from glory, the least at which was far far better than things known into the that it existence. Entry into highest kingdoms, and you will a person’s rank there, depends not only on the atonement from Christ, but also upon your a good work. Achievement of higher potential inside large empire?Godhood?need done “behavior to all the legislation and you can ordinances of gospel.” The latest Bible, Book from Mormon, Pearl of great Speed, and you can Doctrine and Covenants are all believed scripture. Publishes Chapel Development and you will Ensign magazine. Profile readily available. Search material offered.

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