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About Us

United Facilities & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) was formed in 2016. But we have over 25 years of vast enriched     experience in transport under various formats as passenger transport to ETS solutions. We are specialized in corporate contractual service        agreements. Having the corporate office at Delhi, our other operational locations are Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai.Our          esteemed clients list from various IT & ITES companies and to government agencies.Presently, our owned and partnered fleet size is of 2200 vehicles consists of different make and models, purely depending upon the client’s requirements. Diversification of business –With an imposing success in     transportation sector, the company has entered logistics business where it is progressively gaining momentum.In the year 2017, the company had first diversified towards agriculture and established a company as “Shuddh Krishi Utpad LLP”. The primary focus was to cultivate the herbs and then produce the by-products under the brand name “Shuddh”. It was always decided to adopt the organic practices for harvesting the crops.In the year 2018, the management had ventured into the logistics arena by deploying the company owned tankers for refueling the pumping station of oil companies like IOC, BP and HP. This is the contractual engagement with these companies for state of Uttar Pradesh.In the year 2019, United Facilities & Logistics Pvt Ltd stepped into engineering and manufacturing of light and heavy machines/ equipment used in managing the city waste and formulated it under the brand name of “Swachhta”. A manufacturing unit has been established in Ghaziabad, UP under Factory Establishment Act. Simultaneously, “Swachhta” is also catering the services to municipal corporations and private agencies on contractual and JV formats.In the year 2020, Swachhta has won the contract from Surat Municipal Corporation to segregate city waste into bio and non-bio waste. We further produce compost out from bio waste. The compost is further selling under the brand name of “Shuddh” since it is primary being used in agriculture.  






United Facilities & Logistics Pvt Ltd